Adsit and Lutz – We Won! Thank God I’m The Judge!

“I’m a registered pedophile psychologist! And I didn’t do anything! I’m a hero!” exclaimed Scott Adsit as a character accused by John Lutz of putting a cone up his son’s butt!

Scott Adsit and John Lutz, who play 2 awesome characters from the hit tv show 30 Rock, as Pete Hornberger and J. D. Lutz, come together as an improv duo at the OFF JFL this year at the Mainline Theatre.

Inspired only by a “piece of advice people tell you”, they whipped in to action with “It never happens!”, and conjured up a world of characters that at times seemed innocent, but with a quick quip turned in to oddballs and degenerates that you couldn’t help but snort-laughing at.

Adsit and Lutz shifted between characters and story lines quickly and often, never going stale with any of their skits, but returning to the ones that hit it with the crowd. A registered pedophile psychologist innocently watching a kids soccer game, the redneck hicks cooking up gumbo for a competition with dreams of buying ‘gator shoes, or the time travellers who go back in time to add an Apple computer logo on hieroglyphics in Egypt.

Even when they got tongue tied at moments and messed up, the show kept going with bizarre characters such as the snooty food critic who orders “cars-pacio” and “blue jeans”.

“We Won!! Thank God I’m the Judge” yells out Lutz as the redneck in the gumbo competition. And indeed they did. With a roar of applause they closed the night with a last hit, and dashed off the stage.

Adsit and Lutz perform at the Mainline Theatre until the 27th of July for the OFF JFL

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