Boobies & Old Timey Cocktails @ Dr. Wiggle’s Burlesque Emporium

A lot of things can be said of the artform burlesque. That it empowers the female body. That its an ironic excuse for young hipster girls to take off their clothes in public. That it’s probably a bit of both, but the end result is so raunchy and sublime that you should really just stop thinking about it and enjoy the show. Whatever the truth about burlesque, I love both irony and the female body so much that I couldn’t say  “no” when the esteemed editor of this site invited me along to the opening night of Dr. Wiggle’s Burlesque Emporium this past Friday at Wiggle Room.

When we got there, said esteemed editor ordered “two fun and fruity gin-based drinks for the girls, and two dark and seedy whiskey drinks for us.” I spent the rest of the night working my way down their list of dark and seedy whisky drinks and getting very drunk. They were the best I’ve had in this city so far — except the old fashioned, but you just can’t compete with a 50 year old bartender in a 5 star hotel on some things.

The Boobies Part of the Story

Somewhere between the sazerac and the old fashioned, said Burlesque Emporium unfolded. It featured 6 performers, including a mentalist in a tuxedo, which you don’t really see everyday.

Dr. Wiggle Show 2

The opening act was a clown-girl hoolahoop number that reminded me of what would’ve happened if Amelie Poulin had run away and joined the circus. Somewhere in there was a bearded lady who probably had a few of us questioning our sexual boundaries. And it wrapped up with a take on Santana’s Black Magic Woman that which could’ve been inspired by Salma Hayek’s snake dance in From Dusk till Dawn but without the snake. Suffice it to say, Dr. Wiggle really knows how to wrap thing up on a strong note.

Dr. Wiggle Show 17

And, of course, the whole thing was MC’d by none other than Dr. Wiggle himself, a.k.a. Darren Henwood, a local comedian of Scottish origin who has this really neat brand of dark and dapper humour. For sale at the bar was also Dr. Wiggle’s own brand of tonic, which the good Doctor was also willing to barter for a pair of your knickers.

All in all, the Wiggle Room in general and Dr. Wiggle’s Burlesque Emporium specifically seem worth checking out if you’re into boobies or old timey cocktails. It’d be particularly well suited for any awkward double date situation: you get to ignore the people you’re with, watch and listen to something that’s well worth paying attention to, and when it’s all said and done, it’s late enough that you can call it a night if you really need an out.

Tickets for Dr. Wiggle’s Burlesque Emporium were $15 in advance, $20 at the door, but shows can run a bit more at Wiggle Room. You can check out their site or their Facebook Page, though, if you want more info.

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