Preview: ÉCLATS – Vitrine Festival CanAsian

Part of the Festival Accès Asie and the CanAsian International Dance Festival, The MAI and Tangente present a sampling of 3 short contemporary dance solos by local Montreal dancers/choreogrpahers created in collaboration with 3 mentors from all around North America in the spirit of fostering diverse expression.

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Montreal based Tomomi Morimoto, paired with Montreal dance veteran Elizabeth Langley explores the constant metamorphosis of myths, as inspired by Japanese ghost tales.



Meena Murugesan and Janet O’Shea (Los Angeles) strive to answer the question “Can disparate objects/subjects/concepts come into focus simultaneously?” with their contemporary Indian dance work.



Torontonian William Yong and Tedd Robinson (Ottawa) incorporate contemporary dance, voice and video to create an interpretation of intimate dreams and a monologue on personal existence with their solo piece.

Festival Accès Asie was established in 1995 to promote Asian cultures through various artistic disciplines: dance, comedy, theater, video, film, visual arts, music, poetry, and new media.

ÉCLATS is to be performed at the MAI from May 2nd-5th, 2013

If your looking for a multicultural contemporary dance experience, you must see Ećlats.

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