Five Music Festivals to Plan your Travel Around

For the last four years, we’ve been helping Montrealers figure out what’s going on in the city and what shows are worth checking out. And even though we’re WATS is closing its doors, that doesn’t mean that shows mustn’t still go on.

Goodbye and thanks for all the fish

This time of year brings with it resolutions and the opportunity to make way for new and exciting challenge. I have decided to focus on other ventures and will be shutting down WATS on February 28th, 2015.

A Parody of Our Political Times

We usually try and stay away from politics here at WATS and just stick to the fun stuff. But every once in a while, we gotta break the rules. Especially when entertainment and parody overlap with the political zeitgeist with social commentary as brilliant as this performance at the Candy Ass Cabaret.

Indie Montreal is recruiting! 

Are you a music lover and want to get involved in the local and international emerging music scenes? Want to meet new people, discover the city and see free shows? Indie Montreal is currently recruiting for its street team!

On the Loose – Comedians at Zoofest!

Alert all lovers of laughter – Montreal’s Zoofest reigns supreme at wrangling up a wild assortment of comedic artists in one unforgettable creative experience. For two weeks, Kelley Calabrese had the chance to live the Zoofest life as a performing artist, and she can say without question that the Zoofest logo suits the event perfectly: The fierce face of a panther flanked by wings that set it free – and without a body for gravity to hold on to.