Gettin’ High on that Gangstagrass

The idea of blending hip-hop with bluegrass might seem to make as much intuitive sense as deep frying ice cream, but there are enough brothas and banjos in The South…

Statue Park is a place in Budapest

Statue Park is Montreal’s newest post-rock outfit from playwright-cum-musician Toby Cayouette. The forthcoming full length album, incubated in the creative caverns of Breakglass Studios.

Album Review – Christianne

In early October folk singer Christianne launched her new album, Algoma, at Theatre de L’esquisse. The venue sits on the corner of Marquette and Marie-Anne in the Plateau.

Interview: Brews Willis

Band members Ross Carvelli, Pare Bruce, and Sam Friendo take the stage at Divan Orange against a giant vinyl backdrop. It says “Brews Willis” in hairy monster font; there’s a bloodshot eyeball punctuating the ‘i’. They begin the set with the song “Big Fat Tits Veronica.” “I feel this is a song everyone can relate to,” Ross says to the audience.