Mo Dance, Mo Comedy, Mo Fringe Fun

Oh Fringe! Sigh… here we go again! So much to see, so much to do, and so many late nights. This year I’ve drawn up a short list of dance and comedy theatre shows I know I will attend and would recommend hitting up as part of the new WATS Staff Picks series. Here are, in no particular order, the shows that got my attention or had me burst out laughing at the Fringe for All.

The Pick List

IREDEA – Montreal Fringe

9:45 PM Friday 13th
2:15 PM Saturday 14th
9:30 PM Sunday 15th
6:15 PM Monday 16th
2:45 PM Thursday 19th
8:00 PM Friday 20th

Insane Dance Double Feature: No Fun / Breaking Boundaries

10:15 PM Saturday 14th
2:45 PM Sunday 15th
8:15 PM Monday 16th
10:00 PM Tuesday 17th
6:00 PM Wednesday 18th
12:30 PM Thursday 19th

Talking Cock

9:00 PM Thursday 12th
9:00 PM Friday 13th
9:00 PM Saturday 14th
9:00 PM Sunday 15th
9:00 PM Monday 16th
9:00 PM Tuesday 17th
9:00 PM Wednesday 18th
9:00 PM Thursday 19th

IMO (In My Opinion)

9:00 PM Friday 13th
9:00 PM Saturday 14th
3:45 PM Sunday 15th
9:00 PM Friday 20th
2:00 PM Saturday 21st
4:30 PM Sunday 22nd

Turning Tricks

8:00 PM Friday 13th
8:00 PM Saturday 14th
8:00 PM Tuesday 17th
8:00 PM Thursday 19th
8:00 PM Saturday 21st

God Is A Scottish Drag Queen II

11:15 PM Friday 13th
8:45 PM Sunday 15th
6:00 PM Wednesday 18th
7:45 PM Friday 20th
2:30 PM Saturday 21st
9:00 PM Sunday 22nd

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