Montreal’s Hottest Men in Comedy

With all the comedy festivals going on this summer, Zoofest, Just for Laughs and the OFF JFL, it always takes me WAYYY longer than it should to research the comedians that I write about because I get lost going through their photos. We have so many HOT CANADIAN COMEDIANS right here in Montreal.

Inspired by the buzzfeed’s list of The 50 hottest Men in Comedy, I thought it would be my DUTY to share with you all what Montreal has to offer in the category of hottest men in comedy. And I have to say, I like what we got better 😀

(Disclaimer – sorry to those of you who are offended at being objectified in this way – it’s your own fault for being so HAWT! Just look at that photo of you!!)

(Disclaimer #2 This list is alphabetical order, so as not to put emphasis on the ones I’m stalking – uumm – I mean the ones who are my favorites)

There have been some late additions to the list

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