Moshe Kasher Live at Theatre Ste-Catherine

Moshe Kasher’s live performance at the Ste-Catherine Theatre, was filled to the mezzanine of TSC. While the show was packed, the laughter, according to Kasher, was not filling the room. One of my many pet-peeves is when a comedian starts to blame the audience (especially so early in the show) for not laughing as much as they should and so I began to get worried the set was going to be about audience etiquette. Thankfully it did go in that direction. One of Kasher’s many talents is his crowd work. He was able to interrupt the flow of his very well rehearsed routine and speak to the crowd, and get right back to the jokes and stories he was telling. He’s a very personal performer, much of his routine would be embarrassing anecdotes you might tell someone after a month or more of dating them. Yet Kasher is open book about his experiences, pulling the audience right in for an intimate evening of laughter.

His quick wit is rather impressive. While interviewing an audience member and asking some sexually charged questions about her relationship; he discovered the parents of the girl’s boyfriend were sitting with them. An awkward but funny situation ensued! (FYI: Kasher had just asked the girl if her boyfriend fucked her well) Kasher handled the funny incident beautifully, turning to the mother of the boyfriend and asking the same question about her husband. Some performers can’t get away with that type of crowd work, but Kasher’s smooth charisma definitely worked some magic!

There was an amazing moment when he went on a rant about hipsters (which he doesn’t mind being called because he’s been dressing like that since before it was cool) where he made fun of the “e-cigarettes”. I guffawed at this joke. I’m a smoker and I constantly see people smoking these electronic cigarettes acting a little bit smug, suggesting they’re not going to die the horrendous cancerous death that I might go through. Yet, they’re still outside with the rest of us “coughers”, I get just a tiny bit bitter. The punchline of that joke came at the end of evening while I was smoking outside TSC – I turned and saw Kasher smoking an e-cigarette with us smokers. He’s going to live longer than us, probably, which is a good thing because he’s a very talented funny fella and I’m really…really looking forward to seeing him perform again!

Do not miss Moshe Kasher’s live performance at Theatre Ste-Catherine at 9:00pm every night until July 27.

Visit the Moshe Kashers page at the official OFF JFL site.

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