5 Irrelevant Questions with DeAnne Smith

DeAnne Smith is a stand up comic, a Bieber look alike, and No More Radio‘s newest podcast host.
After faking her way into comedy in Australia, she’s now one of Montreal’s favourite humoriste adoptée. On stage she recounts cringe-worthy confessions with dead pan hilarity, making her comedy some of the most relatable and honest you’ll find this festival season. But enough biography already, what’s her taste in porn?

Scariest animal/vegetable/mineral you saw in Australia?

The Huntsman spider. With it’s body and legs it would be as big as my hand. Any spider big enough to crawl by, give me the finger, and keep crawling, can get fucked.

Favorite brand of shampoo?

I’m not brand loyal to any shampoo. Which keeps my hair shiny. And also keeps the man down. Does brand loyalty support the man? I think so.

Do you have a doppelganger?

Ohmygosh, a million. Every one was telling me I should submit to Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber. So I had that swoopy haircut, then he had it, then everyone had it, and then everyone was over it…but I still have it. It’s not good. I need a new style.
When I’m in Australia they think I’m Canadian, so they say I look like Sara Quin of Tegan and Sara. But they’re twins, right? So why do they always pick Sara?

Braces as a kid?

Braces, yes. But those weren’t as bad as the Frankle. Want to hear about the Frankle?
It was two plastic cheeks, then wires across that hold the front and bottom teeth. It’s a giant mouth guard that you have to talk around. It was horrifying. Braces were a step up.

Favorite genre of porn?

I have a joke answer for this. But it might be real, I don’t know…Gay male porn. I like it because I’m a feminist. So when I watch it I can be confident no one’s being demeaned or degraded. And if they are, who cares?

[okay, one related question…] How do you respond to “What’s it like being a female comedian?”

Well, I don’t know what it’s like, because I’ve never been anything else. I can’t compare it to any other experience. But I suspect it’s a little more difficult and annoying than being a male comedian. Like in general in society it’s a little bit more annoying and difficult to be a woman. But one positive side, at least in Montreal, is that you’re more memorable. On a bill with 10 other white guys who get up and complain about not having girlfriends and masturbating a lot, the audience might be like, “Hey remember that lesbian girl in glasses, she was alright.”

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Listen to DeAnne Smith’s new podcast “Questionable At Best” on No More Radio.

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