Mews VIII Stylist Battle at Royal Phoenix

Mohamed Hamad

Mew is a night that blends fashion, art and music to showcase Montreals fashion industry up and comers. According to the creators, Dina Habib and Danik Yopp, “We want to normalize it, make it a non-issue” by making it more accessible and fun to a wider audience in venues people would like to go.

Hosts: DYDH Productions (Danik Yopp, Dina Habib)
Models: Aman Ahluwalia, Hubert Poe, Pierre Etienne Code, Julien Lacelle, Dominique Lawrence, Darragh Kilkenny-Mondoux, Sam Sullivan, Jennifer Flynn, Anjela Freya, Marilou Camu, Lydia Wuener, Claudia Parent, Cait Vachon, Melissa Belec, Jennifer Kaldjob, Veronica Gilmore

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