There Will Be Blood! Art Battle Comes to Montreal

For Art Battle founders Simon Plashkes and Chris Pemberton, art, beauty, etc., is in the eye of the beholder, and many people in the room are beholding it and democracy always wins! Wait, wut? That sentence makes no sense.

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Maybe you need a little backstory. Art Battle is the meanest, leanest, colouriest, most badass art event you’re likely to witness between now and next Wednesday. Unless you’re treated to a reprise of Isabelle Arcand and Claudine Hébert’s Short&Sweet performance. Because that was badass also.

But that’s not gonna happen. If it did, you might get freaked out. The point, though…. People, there’s a point to this post. The point is: ART BATTLE.

Need we say more?

(Yes, please.)

It’s going down on Tuesday, 7 May. Show up at La Sala Rossa on St. Laurent in the Plateau. Time: 7:30. Price: 10 bucks for students, 15 for everyone else.

So, what ought one expect at such an event? The trifecta of Plateau parties, course: beer, music and artistes. Sounds like the makings of a usual Tuesday evening affair, no?

Well, did we mention there will also be easels?! As in, the artistses will be artifying the crap out of those canvases, right in front of your face! The music will be thumping, the brushes furiously swishing and swashing and you will be annoyingly peering over the shoulder of the 12 competing artists – as you’re encouraged to do – as they, geniuses that they are, transform the mundane into the profound with nothing more than a few tubes of acrylic paint. In the end it’s the masses who get to decide which artwork will be the one to rule them all! And it all happens in less than 20 minutes. And if that doesn’t get your beret a-twirling, we don’t know what will. Unless it’s the chance to become a patron, because we almost forgot to mention that the art will be on sale after the show. Holy crap. People, it’s going to be a madhouse.

Just remember, if the town surrenders before the siege equipment hits the wall, you spare them.

Be ready. Be very ready.


Art Battle is on at Sala Rosa

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