Extravagante Extravaganza


  • Sat 14th June
  • Start: 8:00 PM
  • End: 9:00 PM


  • Petit Campus
  • 57 Prince Arthur Est,
  • Montreal
  • QC
  • Canada

After dazzling the Montreal burlesque cabaret scene with their many variety numbers, Chérie Coquette and Lady Hoops are thrilled to invite you to their own evening of Cabaret!

Extravagante Extravaganza:

Two eccentric British ladies looking for appropriate entertainment visit Lady Coquette’s Cabaret during their sejour in Paris. They are not prepared for what they find there, and they are shocked, intrigued, and maybe a little excited about the goings on in this rather bohemian club. An extravagant evening of circus, burlesque, dance, music, and comedy to delight ladies, gentlemen, and all who are both or neither