Let’s Start A Country!


  • Sat 9th March
  • Start: 7:00 PM
  • End: 8:15 PM

Founding Fathers Gerard Harris and Shane Adamczak request your
attendance at the Mainline Theatre, Montreal March 6 through 9… and
in our proud, patriotic hearts forevermore.

We’re going to be declaring independence from Canada and would very
much like you to come join us. We need a few good citizens to fill our
very own Parliament, join our State Militia and donate their seed to
the National Procreation Unit

4 nights, 4 new nations, 1 Canadian Constitutional crisis – The
Revolution will be supervised. Just bring your proud, patriotic selves
and $15 from the old country – $12 if you bring your passport – and
watch History relieve itself. Was building a nation ever so cheap?

A Co-Production by MainLine Theatre & That’s Enough Drama!