Turning Tricks


  • Fri 13th June
  • Start: 8:00 PM
  • End: 10:00 PM

Following the success of last year’s box office hit, The Little Beau Peep Show, which was voted best play of 2013, Glam Gam is back to work their magic at the Montreal Fringe Festival. This year’s cabaret Turning Tricks is bound to put the hocus in your pocus and remove the bra from your abracadabra!

The Gold Dust Women, a traveling freak show of swindling vaudevillians are performing at the historic Café Cléopâtre. They find themselves over their heads when their scam to rip off local magician Nicholas Cherrywood backfires, causing them to face an evil cyber force more powerful than all of their magic combined. This spectacle combines dance, nudity, camp and hilarity at its worst.

Interactive activities in benefit of Stella.

Café Cléopâtre 1230 St. Laurent

Sat Jun 7 @ 22:00
Mon Jun 9 @ 20:00
Tue Jun 10 @ 20:00
Wed Jun 11 @ 20:00
Fri Jun 13 @ 20:00 & MIDNIGHT
Sat Jun 14 @ 22:00
Tue Jun 17 @ 20:00
Thu Jun 19 @ 21:00
Sat Jun 21 @ 22:00

Running time: 100 mins
(Doors open 30 mins before show time)