Top Fringe theatre and burlesque – from the man whose sees it all!

At the core of the Fringe Festival is a bewildering number of plays. Unless you’ve seen previous shows by the same people or have spoken with the performers and directors and heard what they’re planning, it’s hard to know what’s good early on in the festival, just based on descriptions in the programme. It’s also easy to lose track of the fact that there’s far more to the Fringe than just English language plays. Here is a list of English and French plays, musicals, dance, burlesque and for the sheer fun of it, puppet shows, that just stick out. These shows are mostly by people who have consistently wowed audiences with past Fringe performances and one or two that just look too interesting or outlandish from the descriptions to pass up.

The Pick List

Cherry Typhoon and her burlesque ninja

11:00 PM Saturday 14th
11:00 PM Sunday 15th
11:00 PM Monday 16th
11:00 PM Tuesday 17th
11:00 PM Wednesday 18th
11:00 PM Sunday 22nd

Johnny Legdick, A Rock Opera

7:15 PM Saturday 14th
2:00 PM Sunday 15th
9:00 PM Tuesday 17th
5:30 PM Wednesday 18th
9:00 PM Thursday 19th
5:30 PM Saturday 21st
2:45 PM Sunday 22nd

Le Petit Prince selon Machiavel

2:15 PM Saturday 14th
10:30 PM Sunday 15th
6:00 PM Thursday 19th
2:30 PM Saturday 21st
7:30 PM Sunday 22nd

Extravagante Extravaganza

8:00 PM Saturday 14th
11:00 PM Sunday 15th
6:15 PM Wednesday 18th
11:30 PM Thursday 19th
8:45 PM Friday 20th
6:30 PM Saturday 21st

Kitt & Jane: an interactive survival guide to the Near-Post-Apocalyptic Future

8:00 PM Sunday 15th
6:00 PM Monday 16th
11:15 PM Wednesday 18th
2:15 PM Friday 20th
9:45 PM Saturday 21st

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