You could die at a Rory Scovel show!

Named one of Variety’s 10 Comics to Watch last year, this year at the festival Rory Scovel has his own Off-JFL solo show at MainLine Theatre. Unfortunately he is only in town long enough to do two solo shows. His opener, Katie Crown, is one of the best up and coming alternative comedians I’ve seen in a long time. She is certainly one to look out for and I can’t wait to see her do a longer set. She was a great lead in to Scovel’s own bizarre alternative world.

Scovel begins by teasing the audience. At first he wandered through the audience suggesting that one of us could be murdered during the show – if dying of laughter were a thing then Scovel would have been the culprit. Using several different “characters” to deliver his material one might have believed that he was actually a Catholic comedian. The way that Scovel interacts with the audience is impressive; it felt like we were at a party and Scovel was at the centre of the room charming every one of the guests. He’s not a patronizing comic; he connects with and observes his audience. He plays, he interacts and he makes everyone feel comfortable while making them laugh – even convincing a shy audience member to play the piano while he created songs.

Half way through his set Scovel became distracted by the string in his hoodie. This has happened to everyone who was worn a hoodie. You pull it a little too much and then one end gets lost in the fabric of the hood. I’m not sure if it was planned or not but it made for some excellent comedy – if it was planned that was an excellent execution, if it wasn’t that was an excellent improvisational execution.

Though you don’t have many chances to see Rory Scovel at JFL this year you can grab his album Dilation on iTunes or see him on the new ABC comedy Big Children. We can expect some very interesting comedy coming from Scovel for years to come.

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